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Helping children during the holidays after divorce

One challenge that divorced or separated parents in El Paso might face is dealing with their own and their children's emotions during the holiday season. This can be a tough time, and feelings of sadness, loss and anger may threaten to overwhelm families. However, it is important for parents to focus on their children and set their emotions aside.

Some parents might need help in dealing with those emotions. A counselor or a therapist may be able to help, or just talking with a family friend could be enough. The important thing is that these emotions do not interfere with parents' ability to deal with one another during the holidays. They should not try to get revenge on one another by blocking the other parent's access to the child at this time.

Parents need to make a plan and share it with their children. Knowing what to expect reduces children's anxiety. Parents should encourage them to have fun with the other parent, and when children return, they should not have to face a barrage of questions. Parents should leave it up to children to decide when and how much to share, and they should respond positively. Patience will be necessary during this transition time, but eventually, everyone will adjust to new traditions and routines.

Attorneys may be able to help parents negotiate a plan for the holidays and for vacations during the divorce process when they are making an agreement for child custody and visitation. If the parents go to litigation over child custody, a judge may also include it as part of the plan. There might be other elements of co-parenting that parents want to address during the divorce process as well. For example, some parents worry about what will happen when one parent has a new partner; how to handle this could be included in the parenting plan.

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