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January 2019 Archives

How divorce works with military members in Texas

Getting a divorce when one or both spouses are in the military can present some unique challenges. If one spouse is on active duty and stationed overseas, the process may take a lot longer than usual. Since there are different divorce laws in Texas than there are in California, where a military spouse is stationed when separating also matters. In some states, there are relaxed residency requirements.

How to divorce strategically

Wealthy individuals in Texas and throughout the country need to be strategic when it comes to their divorce. Ideally, they will have a set of priorities as to how the divorce unfolds. For instance, it is generally a good idea for former spouses to not talk poorly about each other at work. This may limit the chances that others will as well. It is important to consider the impact of a divorce on a business.

How differences in looks can affect marriage stability

Some men in El Paso married to women who are significantly more attractive than they are may be more helpful to and attentive toward their wives than men whose wives are less attractive, but this still might not be enough to save their marriage. However, if the man and woman were friends for some time before starting a relationship, the impact of disparity in attractiveness tends to disappear. These are among the findings of several studies that have looked at the relationship between the success of a marriage and the attractiveness of the couple.

What to do with the house after the divorce

Couples in El Paso who are engaged in divorce negotiations likely have assets that they can easily divide. Other assets, such as the house that they co-own, are not as easy to divide. Of course, the option exists to sell the home and divide the profits, but one of the two spouses may have an emotional attachment to the home. Alternately, there may be a child involved, so for the sake of continuity in the child's life, parents may decide it's best to let one of the parents stay in the home.


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