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How differences in looks can affect marriage stability

Some men in El Paso married to women who are significantly more attractive than they are may be more helpful to and attentive toward their wives than men whose wives are less attractive, but this still might not be enough to save their marriage. However, if the man and woman were friends for some time before starting a relationship, the impact of disparity in attractiveness tends to disappear. These are among the findings of several studies that have looked at the relationship between the success of a marriage and the attractiveness of the couple.

According to an article in "Psychology Today," significant disparities in attractiveness can eventually lead to divorce. One study found that women who considered their spouses less attractive were also less committed to the relationship and more likely to flirt with other men. Another study found that the issue was not with the commitment level of the more attractive partner but with jealousy from the partner who was less attractive.

Some online dating analysis has found that people tend to seek out others who are more attractive than they are. However, in general, people usually pair up with others who are of roughly equal attractiveness.

Whether a divorce happens because of a lack of commitment, jealousy or for some other reason, the couple may have to divide property and reach an agreement on child custody. If they cannot negotiate an agreement, then a judge may make a decision. While litigation is not always avoidable, it can be expensive and time-consuming and may result in a decision that is not optimal for either person. Therefore, many couples prefer to avoid it if possible. Texas is a community property state, meaning that each person is entitled to half of all marital assets, but negotiation still offers the possibility of coming up with creative solutions for property division that suit them both.

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