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What to do with the house after the divorce

Couples in El Paso who are engaged in divorce negotiations likely have assets that they can easily divide. Other assets, such as the house that they co-own, are not as easy to divide. Of course, the option exists to sell the home and divide the profits, but one of the two spouses may have an emotional attachment to the home. Alternately, there may be a child involved, so for the sake of continuity in the child's life, parents may decide it's best to let one of the parents stay in the home.

Just because one of the spouses ends up with the home does not necessarily mean that they are in the best financial position. For example, the house may have a mortgage payment and utility payments that were easily manageable when there were two salaries. After the divorce, there may now only be one salary, making a once affordable house an expensive burden.

Some parents have gotten around this by opting for a living situation known as nesting. In this living situation, each parent has their own separate house or apartment. For one week, one parent lives in the family home with the children. For the next week, the other parent takes their turn in the family home with the children.

There are a number of challenges that could arise with this living arrangement. The amicable relationship needed between the parents for the situation to continue may not last. It may be challenging for one or both parents to maintain the family home while maintaining a separate living place.

When determining what to do with the family home and other assets during the divorce, an individual may wish to consult a family law attorney. This attorney may provide their clients advice on things like property division and asset valuation. If necessary, they may be able to assist in child custody cases and provide practical advice on related issues that could arise.

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