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A child custody hearing can ease relations in divorce

Although divorcing parents in Texas face a number of unique and personal challenges, one thing unites all parents in divorce: the best interests of the child. Child custody concerns can bring about very strong emotions, and as a result, it may be difficult for divorcing parents to agree upon custody arrangements without the assistance of the legal system.

How to parent after a divorce

Texas couples who are ending their marriages can't necessarily sever their relationship completely if they had kids together. Ideally, parents would be able to put their feelings aside and focus on raising their children the best that they can. In many cases, children fare better when they have quality relationships with both of their parents. In the event that parents are unable to communicate with each other, they can engage in what is often called parallel parenting.

Challenging circumstances in family court

When Texas parents decide to divorce, they may face particularly difficult issues with child support and custody. Both mothers and fathers often complain about the treatment they face in family court. This is especially true when the parents have a relationship fraught with poor communication, mistrust or anger. Fathers might feel like they are victims of gender bias while mothers may feel that their concerns are not taken seriously.

Elements of a child custody hearing

Parents in El Paso who must attend a child custody hearing should dress professionally and prepare for questions the judge may ask. Examples of these questions might be whether the parent can offer adequate emotional support for the child and what the sleeping arrangements are if the parent has a small living space. The judge might ask a working parent what child care will be available when the child is not in school.

Tips for effective co-parenting after divorce

Divorced parents in Texas should keep several guidelines in mind to make the co-parenting process smoother. The most important thing to remember is that everything should be done with the best interests of the child in mind. Parents need to recognize that even if they consider the other parent unpleasant or incompetent, that individual is still an important figure in the child's life. Only if abuse or other issues affect the child's safety should parents interfere with that relationship.

Tips for keeping both parents in a child's life after divorce

When parents in El Paso get a divorce, they should make an effort to ensure that the child maintains a relationship with both of them unless there is some reason to worry for the child's safety. If one parent thinks the other is a mediocre parent, this is not a sufficient reason. If the parent is abusive or endangers the child's well-being in some other way, such as because of substance abuse, then the other parent might want to limit that parent's access to the child. Otherwise, the child will generally benefit from time with both parents.

Tips for avoiding a custody battle

When parents in El Paso get a divorce, they might be concerned about how it will affect their children. It is important for parents to try to keep their children protected from any conflicts between the two of them. They will also need to make a child custody arrangement or go to court where a judge will order one.

Overcoming divorce during the holidays

The holiday season may not be the best time for Texas residents to go through a divorce or separation. This may be especially true for those who have kids. However, parents should be aware that children generally react in the same general manner as they do. Therefore, it may be possible for adults to have some control over how they and their kids react to the impending change.

Consistency provides peace of mind for kids of divorced parents

In Texas and across the United States, children who split their time between separated parents benefit from the structure and predictability that comes from consistent rules between two residences. While family lawyers do not generally counsel clients on child rearing, assistance is often given to help divorcing parents find common ground and work together in providing guidelines for their child to follow.


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