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How courts determine child custody

After a divorce, Texas parents often have to negotiate custody issues. If both parents want and can share custody of the children, then making the final decision will be easier. If the parents find themselves in a dispute, however, a judge will be making the custody decision. However, there are certain things the courts consider before doing this.

Steps for parents to help children during a divorce

A divorce can be hard on children in El Paso, but there are several things their parents can do to help them adjust. If children have fewer changes to deal with, they may be better able to focus on the big change. This means parents should try to disrupt children's lives as little as possible. It can help to make their household rules consistent. Parents should avoid criticizing each other's decisions even when they disagree. The parent can encourage the child to talk to the other parent about the decision if the child is upset about it.

Dealing with child support after divorce

Dealing with a divorce in El Paso can be time consuming and stressful. Divorce is never a simple experience, and when children are involved in the marital separation, emotions can be tricky to deal with. While the parents may have come to terms with the separation prior to it happening, many children struggle with understanding why their family dynamics are changing. This can add an element of frustration, anxiety and sadness to any divorce.

About child support cases

Child support payments can be a confusing topic for many parents in Texas because of the different categories of child support cases. However, the different child support cases aid the government in maintaining track of children and families who need the additional financial assistance. All parents who receive or pay child support should be aware of what type of child support case they have.

The link between child support and voluntary impoverishment

A parent awarded custody of their minor children or alimony in El Paso may find it difficult to obtain the support they are owed if voluntary impoverishment is a factor. The Office of Child Support takes the practice seriously and goes through cases to identify the accuracy of earnings to address the voluntary impoverishment practice.

Checking the facts about child support

Child support payments can be critical for single parents and their families in El Paso struggling to pay the bills. These payments may be a major contribution to the significant expenses that come with raising children, including education, healthcare and other expenses. While many people expect that support payments are large and generous, the reality is often quite different for many single parents. The U.S. Census Bureau tracks facts about child support in the United States, including the amounts owed and paid and the number of people in the country with child support orders.

Fights over household workload can cause divorce

Many couples in Texas have disagreements over how to split the household chores. Even if they can agree on what the split should look like, each person may have a different idea as to what is clean or how to fold the laundry. While disputes over housework can actually get so heated that they lead to divorce, there are ways to handle such problems.

Splitting retirement funds during a divorce

People in Texas may discover that there are expensive consequences for not using the proper procedures to divide their retirement funds. In addition to giving an ex-spouse more of the retirement funds than was originally intended, there may also be hefty taxes and withdrawal penalties that may have to be paid. It is important that divorcing individuals are aware that each of the different kinds of retirement accounts is governed by their own set of rules.

Legal options for grandparents denied access to grandchildren

In general, parents welcome the chance for their children to form relationships with their grandparents. When parents object to contact, however, a grandparent will likely need a court order to obtain the legal right to visit grandchildren. Texas state law does not grant grandparents an automatic right to see grandchildren. Federal law affirms this view because of a decision from the Supreme Court of the United States that established parents as the parties who decide who has contact with their children.

Behavioral patterns that predict divorce

Contempt, stonewalling, criticism and defensiveness have been identified by the author and marriage counselor John Gottman as negative behavioral patterns that may lead to adivorce. According to Gottman, contempt is the most dangerous because it shows a lack of respect for a partner. However, El Paso couples who engage in these behaviors might still be able to save their marriage.


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