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How divorce works with military members in Texas

Getting a divorce when one or both spouses are in the military can present some unique challenges. If one spouse is on active duty and stationed overseas, the process may take a lot longer than usual. Since there are different divorce laws in Texas than there are in California, where a military spouse is stationed when separating also matters. In some states, there are relaxed residency requirements.

Military service and child support

Many active service members in El Paso are ordered by courts to pay child support. Military branches consider it a service member's duty to support dependents regardless of marital or child custody status. This differs from a civilian's obligation to pay child support because a service member can be more easily punished for failing to make payments.

Study looks at effect of deployments on military marriages

Some military families in El Paso may experience stress and even divorce as a result of deployments, but a study by researchers at the RAND Corporation found that the relationship between military deployments and marriages is a complex one. The study looked at 1,358 families to examine the connection between deployments and marital satisfaction.

About military divorces

Married Texas residents who are in the military, or are married to military personnel, and who want to get a divorce will find that the process is legally similar to that of divorces of civilians. However, there are some aspects of the military can affect their divorce.

Child custody after separation

Many families in El Paso are affected by divorce every year. When a couple decides to separate, there are many preliminary issues that need to be decided before the divorce is finalized, such as where each spouse will live and how the couple's property will be divided. However, child custody may be the most important issue for parents who are going through a divorce.


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